Premarital considerations for Eternal Marital Bliss

Sit with pen, paper, keyboard

Even a voice recorder or just video record your voice on your phone …

Describe Each of Your Realistic Personal Dreams


The Dreams and plans of Life Together…

Prepare the beginnings of a Personal Journal

The writings one lays down helps to solidify ones understanding,


By expanding upon with deep thoughts thru

Quiet Contemplation and Meditation

This Journaling becomes an essential tool right from the start


What are your Individual Dreams, goals and personal ambitions?

What are your Dreams, goals and ambitions as a married couple?

What are each of your personal challenges?

What are the challenges your marriage life might face as you are aware of currently?

And the Accomplishments so far individually?

What’s the first year plan or goals?

Where do you strive to be in 5 year, 10, 20, 40 …

How did you meet?

What was it that first attracted you?

How will the income and team work be integrated or allocated…?

Who is working, cooking, cleaning, buying food…

Thoughts or plans for Kids? … Pets?


The basics of How to best get along as a couple,

Begins with mutual Love and Respect…

For couples just about to get married,

We should assume there is a big part of that going on


I have laid out a series of blogs that Integrates


Individual Fulfillment and

the Integration of Two Loving Couples

Weaving the Colorful Tapestry of their Love Life Together

This is steadily accomplished in each and every day together

as together you embark upon three wonderful Journeys.

The best way to Love your mate is to

Love Yourself

The Best way to Know and Understand your Mate,

is to Know and Understand Your Self…

Your True Self.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These Practices I provide will not only enhance your

calming focused ‘knowing and understanding’,

Your partner will be experiencing will be learning and gaining

a Deeper Understanding as well.

These experiences of Deep meditation soon becomes


Mere Words simply can Not describe the Un-Describable

But the two of you will not only intimately share your deepest Love…

You will, with just a look, share one of Life’s Deepest aspects…

That is

A Deepening of one’s own ‘Witin-ness’

This Ineffable experience is Deeper than the Deepest Love

Deepening the Depths further of the Truest Loves growing in both

the Spirit Within and Love of All

The next helpful insights will come from journaling a Review Your Life.

This will help you determine where you are going… based on where you’ve been.