Review Your Life

This will help you determine where you are going…

Based on where you’ve been.

If you haven’t done this for a few years or longer,

You should set aside a reasonable amount of time to reflect your whole life.

Look back on how you felt and dreamed during your life and

How those feelings and dreams are now.

Are you where you expected to be, or…

Are you on the way?…

Perhaps you are at a crossroads of Life… Again…

You could be facing an uncertain future…


You could be facing the same old boring future that you have endured for far too long…

Ether way… It scares you… or at least is very daunting and UN-inspiring.

or somewhere in between…

Everything could be going just fine…

Except for that ‘mysterious Inner Pull’

that is screaming subtly from our soul that…

There must be something more to ‘It All’…

~ Take some time to casually reflect your whole life ~

Being among the uplifting and inspiring places in nature

may help invigorate ye ‘ol memories…

After casually reflecting on one’s life for a period of time…


Sit with pen, paper, keyboard

Even a voice recorder or just video record your voice on your phone …

Later you can transcribe your verbal notes to your Digital Diary

~ Put down your thoughts of ~

Where you are in your Life’s Progress

Where do you want to be


How are you going to get there.

It may help to sort of ‘re-create’ a diary of your life…

As you recall each ‘new’ old memory… Others will pop up…

Jot them down in your digital journal of choice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This deep process of reviewing one’s Life,

Helps us understand ourselves more.

Take special notice of how earlier ‘issues’ were handled and perceived

Compared to how you would feel about, perceive and

React to similar issues today.

By journaling one’s ‘life’

This allows us to ‘stand back from our lives

for a more objectionable perspective.

We can then put the many components of our life into

a more ‘Integrated’ process..

Kind of like combining the art of Zen and psychoanalysis.

Once you’ve got your “Life” down on print,

It’s right there in front of you… Nothing scary about your life…

Just a few “To Do” lists…

It’s All Good… Or at least as it should.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This may take hours, days or weeks. But it is very necessary.

You will now be able to enjoy the ‘Daily Reflections”.

Near the end of the day

Is a particularly valuable time for self-examination, since then we can

Review the full day’s activities and their lessons.

Morning is a time for Noble Silence and Meditation…

Focusing the concentrated mind on… Nothing…

But Within-ness

The End of the day is best for contemplation.


Once you feel you have Thoroughly expressed your ‘life’ in your journal


Read your journal…

And feel free to go deeper where ever inspired…

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Each new day will reveal new steps along one’s Personal Path to

Health, Happiness, creativity, and the feeling of wellbeing.