Love Letters to God

The photos were taken as we approached Ni’ihau on our sailboat Chat d’O.

You’ll notice “I Love Big Boobies” 😉

And they seemed to love us as we were blessed with many of them

flying to see the rare boat approaching their ‘Forbidden Island”.

I was impressed with my camera’s ability to snap such high resolutions photos

while on a rock & rolly sailboat.

Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island at over 5 million years old, Ni’ihau is a wee bit older still. Notice the details of the erosion that was artfully carved by all those millions of years.


I recorded this Medicine for the People song live on my sailboat Chat d’O

while anchored at Mala Maui.

This song “Love Letters to God” has many meanings. Here the writer Nahko Bear with

Medicine for the People,

speaks of the Cultural disenfranchisement of his First Nation People in American.

He was born into a traceable 7th generation Sioux Indian lineage

of which he proudly rallies for.

His bit of a religious ‘jab’ towards the mainstream religions

that displaced the traditions of his First Nation Peoples

as he mentions “God” as not a male… But as a woman.

The Mother is often portrayed as ‘God’ in many of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Keep in mind that in most spiritual traditions, this is a metaphorical perspective,

unlike the mainstream religions that demand it to be known that “God” is a man,

complete with reproductive organs, egotistical sensitivities and

those lower evolved reptilian sex drives.

This is how we ended up with so many misogynistic dogmas and doctrines

that the rest of us have to suffer through.

In American,

women no longer have control of their own bodies.!

and, the ‘gop’ is working on removing even more rights for women.

Our nation was founded on religious FREEDOM!

NOT religious nationalism

with the drive to control everyone based on their mis-beliefs.