The photos were taken as we approached Ni’ihau on our sailboat Chat d’O.

You’ll notice “I Love Big Boobies” 😉

And they seemed to love us as we were blessed with many of them

flying to see the rare boat approaching their ‘Forbidden Island”.

I was impressed with my camera’s ability to snap such high resolutions photos

while on a rock & rolly sailboat.

Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island at over 5 million years old,

Ni’ihau is a wee bit older still.

Notice the details of the erosion that was artfully carved by all those millions of years.


I recorded this Medicine for the People song live on my sailboat Chat d’O

while anchored at Mala Maui.

This song “Nyepi” means “Day of Silence”.

It is a Balinese celebration mainly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. Nyepi,

a public holiday in Indonesia, is a day of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese.

Here the writer Nahko Bear with Medicine for the People, speaks of

the deeply Spiritual nature of Hinduism practiced in the islands of Indonesia.

I relate to this line: “ I feel God in the darkest of things…”

Divinity is inseparable from all that ‘is’… There is no such thing a a ‘Godless’ place.

In fact,

“hell” and “the devil” are both just man made up concepts meant to put fear into the ‘flock’

to control their lives.

In the line: “I fear nothing, No thing fears me”

In a reasonable spiritual path, one will learn to become “fearless”.

When one contemplates on their true nature of Being…

It is Realized that,

‘we’ are not our bodies, brains, minds or egos…

‘we’ are never born, nor will ‘we’ ever die.


we’ become fearless.

Also one learns how important ‘Unconditional Love ‘ is.

Compassion for all mankind, the earth and all its beings becomes a spontaneous way…

So that,

“No thing fears me”.

This perspective is the opposite of what main stream religions demand of their flock.

There is no such thing as unconditional love.

If someone does not pray to the very same projection of “God’

And is from a different denomination as they are…

Pity is as close to compassion as they can offer.

Often, At the very least,

disenfranchisement, prejudice and worse are offered to the sinner

that is doomed to go to hell.

Most of the wars ever fought were waged from a religious misconception.