Achieving Spiritual Immortality Right Now In This Life!

Rather than waiting to see if we will reincarnate into a ‘favorable rebirth’,

achieve everlasting Nirvana, or get a “heavenly body”

and spend the rest of forever at the ‘Lord’s’ feet…

So that we’ll achieve eternal Spiritual Immortality…

One can do what it takes right now in this ‘here & now’

to achieve Spiritual Immortality!

Although Buddhism is not a ‘religion’

since they don’t concern themselves

with all the dogmatic distractions of a man made up personal ‘god’…

A large percentage of Buddhists seem to be

stuck in the shallow end of the Buddhist pool…

Towards the deeper end,

the Buddha presents his Wisdoms of ‘No-Self’…

In his teaches about ‘Anatta’, which clearly points out how

there is simply no “self” that exists that could possibly reincarnate.

One does not have to believe in a man made up personal god

or follow every step of the Buddha’s Noble Eight-Fold Path

and gain the Ultimate Fruition of Liberation…

All one has to do is:

Help others.

Regardless of whether you do it unconditionally like the Buddha advises,


If you do it out of an unreasonable ‘fear of god’

just for the self-centered sake of thinking

this is how to go to a man made up mythic place called heaven and

avoid burning in the other man made up place fictitiously called… ‘hell’…

You have what could be considered a ‘Divine’ Blessing of

‘Free Will’,


There is nothing god like Divinity about this free will…

It’s just part of our human nature. Although we have free will…

to choose our personal Path in this world,

most of us do not utilize this most common and practical aspect of our nature.

When it comes to religion…

very few use their free will to determine just what they are getting into.

For most,

they really don’t have a choice to even use their Divine Free Will on account of …


If your family has always been of a certain religion, say Christianity.

The family would consider it the deepest sin if you were even go with

a slightly different perspective that of an other denomination of the very same religion.


along with Tradition…

Most folks just don’t have the time, volition or what ever it takes

to do their due diligence for themselves.

This is in a way, it’s called… “Blind Faith”… more like a ‘double blind’ Faith.

as one must have faith that their family is not wrong with their eternal choice and,

that there really is a personal god

that micro-manages every moment, though, speech, and the actions you do. and…

will be there for you in your time of need….

even though over 166,859 people die each day, including over 14,000 children. but…

rest assured… “He’ll” be there for you.

Feel free to believe in anything you wish.

If you feel that belief in some imaginary concept that can never be proven

brings you peace and comfort…

by all means… do as you wish.

The tricky condition for this to actually work is,

one must:

Love all, serval all, and create no sorrow.

This 3rd caveat is usually the ‘deal breaker’ for most religious people,

on account of they must always push their beliefs onto others,

whom they feel are worthless sinners and must be helped

by demanding they follow along with their denomination’s dogmatic drama

with the main goal of making public policies based on their mis-belief systems.

If you have reservations about whether any of these man made up myths

will literally come true in the ‘after this life’…

There is a no-nonsense way of achieving the goal of

Eternal Spiritual Immortality…

But whichever Path you follow…

If you sincerely help someone in this life,

without pushing any other agenda

that may actually create sorrow for the others,

just to help them have the chance of creating a better, more fulfilling life…


most religions these days have good intentions…

But you know what they say about ‘the road to hell’

The church burned, tortured and or drowned to death

millions of innocent people

thinking they were helping them get rid of an imaginary demon.

This isn’t really helping,

Nor is it today to by taking away a women’s right

to have a say in what they can do with their own body…

because they say they are pro-life in spite of

torturing to death over 5 million innocent people

just after they created the “holy” bible that features a “god”

that they said killed every man, woman and child of every species

except for the few on “Noah’s ark”…

along with their ultimate goal of “the End of Times”

where this all loving “pro-life” “god” will once again

kill every man, woman, and child of every species

so devastatingly that no life will ever be able to recover on this planet…

for ever. 


There is no personal “god” that will do such a thing, but,

So many people still believe there in such a ‘beast’. ooooooohhhhh.

Get over all this mythic-literal crap and

Just do your best to help others, unconditionally if you can.


They will remember you forever.


they will tell others how much you helped then…

and then…

they will be inspired to help others in their own fashion.

Your Spirit of giving will perpetuate

in the hearts of all the others you’ve helped

and in the hearts of those that they helped …

all because you helped some one

This one act of helping one person will exponentially help others,

And in this way,

Your Spirit of giving will become an eternal Spirit of immortality.

Help one person a day… or a few a week, a month…

Or profoundly one a year…

Even if the world seems like a hopeless clusterduck

of senseless pain and suffering

perpetuated by the divisiveness demagogue politicians that

egotistically promote to stay in power

just to fulfill their own self-centered financial gains

and or their personal ego drives…

by manipulating the masses of the mentally vulnerable


the divisiveness of one set of religions

that caused most of the war’s humanity has endured because

they pit their flock against the other flocks of ‘god’s children’

with no unity in sight…

this is insipid, insidious, and completely senseless.


This is what happens when you allow

the power of church and state to rule…

This is what is happing now in our very own country…

This is a self-defeating mode of representation

and a devastating downward spiral to oblivion for humanity.

However drastic the future may be…

For now…

Just by giving for the sake of helping humanity unite

and create a better world in which

our children can grow free, healthy, and happy.

This will be that eternal gift of Spirit that will continue to flow…

Like a ripple on the pond of life,

The ripple will turn into waves of Joy, and hope and love.

Whatever it is you do…

Do it with love… and a smile.

In that way,

You will make the world a better place… One smile at a time.