What Does Being an Atheist Really Mean These Daze?

These daze…

It is popularly believed by the most popular religions,


If you don’t believe in their archaic man made up projection of

what they imagine ‘god’ to be…


You are an atheist… with unworthy evil, wrong, bad connotations.


Consider the same church person, that goes to church every Sunday,

That does not believe the in the cave man’s versions of their god…


By the same metric, to the cave man god believers,

they would be considered…

an atheist… with unworthy evil, wrong, bad connotations.

And so it goes…

The cave men would think,

those that did not believe in their made-up version of ‘god’

would consider all those folks, including Christians… to be


with unworthy evil, wrong, bad connotations.


Back in the Greek God times…

they believed in their projections of what they thought ‘god’ or the ‘gods’ were.

If a Christian was able to go back there in time,

they would be considered atheists…

with unworthy evil, wrong, bad connotations.


Just over 2000 years ago,

A date they came up with about 400 years later,

they imagined was when the story of Jesus started.

Oddly however…

No one during those contemporary times had any written documents

about anyone of that name, nor any name of a person remotely like

Jesus or a Yeshua ben Yosef…

We do have a large number of documents from that time –

the writings of poets, philosophers, historians, scientists, and

government officials, for example, not to mention the large collection of

surviving inscriptions on stone and private letters and

legal documents on papyrus.

In none of this vast array of surviving writings is Jesus’ name

ever so much as mentioned.” and

if the “virgin Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to be officially counted for a Census,

why is there no record of that!?


The earliest New Testament writers seem ignorant of

the details of Jesus’ life, which become more crystalized only in later texts.

Paul seems unaware of any virgin birth, for example.

No wise men, no star in the east, no miracles.

Historians have long puzzled over the “Silence of Paul”

on the most basic biographical so called “facts” and teachings of Jesus.

Paul fails to cite Jesus’ authority precisely when it would make his case.

What’s more,

he never calls the twelve apostles Jesus’ disciples;

in fact,

he never says Jesus HAD disciples –or a ministry, or did miracles,

or gave teachings.

He virtually refuses to disclose any other biographical detail,

and the few cryptic hints he offers aren’t just vague,

but contradict the gospels.


The leaders of the early Christian movement in Jerusalem

like Peter and James are supposedly Jesus’ own followers and family;

but Paul dismisses them as nobodies

and repeatedly opposes them for not being true Christians!

But even so…

The church tells the world that this bible they created was actually written by

the hand of ‘God’ Himself and to not buy into this lie

would be punishable by eternal damnation by their

all loving pro-life ‘god’…

all of this ‘Divine logic’ was created to suit their organization’s power structure,

particularly to establish the most powerful force that combined

the fear of ‘god’ and the control of the state. 

With that force,

they were able to rally up massive armies to conquer other countries,

which were often ‘self funded’ by the fact they were instructed that ‘God’ says…

you can rape and pillage anyone along the way to and from the battle field for payment

and… if you do die in battle, you get a special place in ‘Heaven”.

This was indeed military genius at it’s best… and most diabolically evil.


this was one of the most impressive military forces man had every created…

but as a genuine Spiritual tradition…

it couldn’t have been further off the mark…

but that was never their intention.


Over the next 1200 years, the oh so “holy” church

tortured to death over 5 million people, mostly other Christians

in the name of their all loving pro-life “god”,

with the excuse that they are doing them a favor by ‘exercising the devil out of them’… but,

it was mainly for political power driven plans and baseless “insecurities”

of political and church leaders.

And yet, today,

If one does not still buy into this myth created by the church,

then you are considered

an atheist… with unworthy evil, wrong, bad connotations.  

This perplexing problematic paradigm does not allow for anyone

or anything to evolve

which probably explains how there has been

no mental intelligence evolvement in the church…

it’s simply not allowed.

Some denominations like Jehovian Witness…

forbids their flock to read any bible by themselves,

even the one they made up by themselves…

As they don’t want anyone to come up any sensible conclusions on their own,


They discourage the use of ‘common sense’

when engaging with church matters…

They say,

this is the leading cause for people to loose faith with their church.

Of course,

the church staunchly is against any sort of idea anything can evolve…

As they state (with a straight face) everything, including

everything in the entire universe, was placed here by ‘god’,

less than 7000 years ago, fully formed

including the dinosaurs and even man….

No monkeys to man evolution.

This was easily sold 2000 years ago,

when the world view didn’t know where the sun went at night,

and thought the Earth was flat…

and of course during the church inspired

‘Dark ages’…

There is no coincidence that the Dark ages started

just after the Catholic church invented the bible


But how so many in these modern times still buy into all of this is…


Amazing to think that

if you don’t buy into their made-up projections of ‘god’

that you’re not moral enough to join a church that

tortured to death over 5 million people and you’re not worthy enough to

pray to a ‘god’ that, out of spite, as if ‘He’ had egotistical insecurities,

killed every man, woman, and child of every species,

except for

the few Noah took aboard… according that myth. And,

join a church that states as its prime objective is to

help cause the ‘End of times’, in which once again,

their all loving pro-life ‘god’

kills every man, woman, and child of every species…

this time so devastatingly, that nothing will ever live here again.




Consider the most intelligent people today…

nearly all of them do not believe in this archaic man made up mythic magic. 

Even Albert Einstein did not believe in a personal God 

who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings,

a view which he described as naïve.

He clarified however that, “I am not an atheist”,

He considered himself to be:
a “religious nonbeliever.”[

He had a much more evolved perspective,

one in which left open the possibility of

an orderly harmony of what exists,

which seems similar to the Chinese Tao

the natural Way of the universe. 

Einstein also stated he did not believe in life after death,

as in gaining a “Heavenly body and living forever at the feet of the “Lord”…

or how many (but not all) Hindu and Buddhist traditions believe.

Einstein believed the problem of God was the “most difficult in the world”—

a question that could not be answered “simply with yes or no”.

He conceded that

“the problem involved is too vast for our limited minds”.

For modern day Christianity to still consider anyone that

does not believe in their archaic project of ‘god’

must be an atheist and not

 a wholesome moral person,  

is yet another conundrum that confuses the new modern person

that would otherwise like to deepen their connection with

the ‘Divine Flow of the Universe’ as Einstein outlined.


With so many contradicting elements to the ‘church’s’ teachings,

It turns off a lot of people that would otherwise

deepen their their spiritual understandings,

have abandoned any Spiritual Path at all.

Although there is no literal proof that Jesus existed,

There are however countless other real-life people

that did have the Spiritual depth that Jesus was written to have…

except for the myth, magic and miracal parts

that were added to the bible

to attract more of the mentally vulnerable masses.

In the early 1800’s in America, a religion that didn’t include

myth, magic and miracles didn’t have a chance…

and we never transcended that unevolved limited perspective.  

The Buddha was born around 2700 years ago,

his family history is clearly documented.

Monks that taught the Buddha’s teachings or the Advaita Vedanta Swamis,

the Chinees Tao, and plenty of Christian ‘Mystics’

all had the real-life experiences of Enlightenment.

It is a total shame that the real-life monks and mystics

don’t get the attention the “mythic-literal” religions enjoy.

It is a shame, because,

They teach the real-life lessons

that can be attained my anyone in this lifetime.

But since so many people that would otherwise heed “The Calling”…

Have “thrown out the Spiritual Baby”, with the dirty bath water of

The church’s  ‘Mythic-literal’ religions.


Traditions that remain willfully ignorant and stuck in the past

thinking they already know everything that can be know about ‘God’…

is just a dead end perspective.

While they say:

“Ignorance is Bliss”…

There is certainly a better Way.


In my personal experience,

atheists have proven to be

the ones most connected to the

ineffable conceptual-less concepts of God.


In Buddhism, which is not a religion,

nor concerns itself with misleading projections of a ‘God’…

They practice the art of “Unconditional Giving”.

They give with no expectation of reciprocation at all.

The joy of giving is their immediate reward…

which also helps in guilt free meditations…

But in most religions,

The most driving force to be good…

Is actually a very self-centered and narcissistic one…

Out of a brain washed ‘fear’ of ‘God’… and

So they will personally avoid “Hell”

(yet another man made up imaginary myth)

They then do good for mainly personal religious reasons…

Not just to be good, for goodness sakes.


It is universally agreed that ‘God’ or God’s essence is:

All that is.

A Divine essence that is the ground of all beings and everything in

the known & unknown, manifest & unmanifest universe along with

everything imaginable… and beyond…

like ‘dark matter which most of the universe consists of,

yet is nearly completely incomprehensible.

The best place most Spiritual people I know find this essence most profoundly is…

Not in a church,


In Nature.

You can hear the wordless whispering of Wisdoms in the breeze.

Feel “Divinity” in the warmth of the sun on a chilly day.

Connect with ‘transcended” loved ones

with the inspiration of a sunset or any breath-taking place in Nature.

Talk to the trees…

It’s as good as talking to ‘God’. 

If one really does want to experience

what at first would naïvely feel like ‘God’…

One hears the calling to begin a personal Spiritual Path.

At first one will conventionally learn about the common sense reasons

why to be good and learn the antidotes to

anger, hatred and harsh people and situations,

like Buddha’s perspective:

“Treat all beings, especially the bad ones…

Like a respected professor.

And genuinely thank them for the lesson…

The lesson of how NOT to be”.

After some time learning the deeper and useful aspects of

morality, virtues, philosophy, and psychology…

One’s meditation practice ripens towards the deep end of the Practice.

It is within these meditations that profound ‘Insights’ arise wordlessly.

After these meditations, then the aspirant can contemplate the experience.

The first few times this is experienced,

it feel like connecting inseparably with what could only be imagined as


Then shortly after,

It feels like you are ‘God’…

which is naturally a result of the ‘inseparable connection’…


In the next inseparable moment,

The sense of you being the ego-mind-body

you spent your whole life mis-believing yourself to be…

feels like it has becomes disembodied

You lose all sense of being… the old “you”.


In the next inseparable moment,

You then realize…

There is no ‘God’… and…

Everything is ‘God’ at the same time nothing is…

It feels like love, you are over Joyed, a bliss beyond measure…

And a rapture of relief knowing, experientially that:

Everything is Always Already Alright!


With a feeling of being disembodied

The whole experience begins to sound like how it’s described

by people that have had a near death experience.

I have spoken to a few people with this near death experience,

Each one has come back with a much lighter yet deeper approach to life

and have stated:

They don’t fear death…

It was profoundly pleasant.

This sounds like what could be called:

Grace… or Divinity... or

how the higher states of experience human consciousness feels


These higher states of human consciousness

is how one can actually connect with what could be considered ‘God’…

This is not the Ultimate Fruition of the Spiritual Path…

Because at the early stages of this Path…

The ego-mind-body perspectives can return,

along with the confusion they bring,

but one will profoundly be Liberated from most of the

pain & suffering all beings inherently endure.


For anyone that has attained these higher states

have come as close to ‘God’ as they ever have been before.


I find it odd that these highly evolved Spiritual beings are

considered by Christians to just be ‘atheists’… unworthy sinners.

Think about this…

Take as long as you need…

Then listen for …

The ‘Calling’…

and if the ‘Calling’ is to go play in the Garden…then…