The Conundrums of Worship and Petitionary Prayer

In most religions,

it is expected that one expresses their devotion by

strongly and emotionally offering endless

prayers of praise and admiration.

In the Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetan Bon traditions,

their form of devotional prayer is called Bhakti or Bhatti.

While a bit of this is helpful to get the aspirant to get in the

‘Divine’ state of mind throughout the day

and not just at their place of worship…

I’ve found that anyone that just does Bhakti or devotional prayers,

will never ever get any closer to the understanding of ‘God’ or Divinity

in whichever religious or spiritual tradition they find themselves in. 

I say “find themselves in” because,

Most people don’t do any research before

choosing a religion or a tradition, because…

It’s the nature of a tradition that one unquestionably follows,

very few people want to go against their family or country’s tradition.


Many Christians I’ve spoke with over the years say…

“I don’t really believe all this, but just in case of eternal damnation…

I’ll go along with it”

Although most folks will do heaps of research

when buying a new car or fancy $$ toy…

Most folks won’t lift a finger to examen for themselves

what is really involved in the most profound decision of their life…

that helps explain their life… and whatever comes after.

For those that are more concerned about the real reality of their life,

their place in this World and the ‘timeless wonder of it all’…

and have the volition to actually learn everything they can

in order to be able to determine for themselves

what are the ‘Ultimate Truths’ that cannot be divisible

or contradicted by an extended group of reasonably intelligent peers.

For those folks…

They will hear the calling to pursue A personal Spiritual Path.

Where they actually will learn everything that has been written about this

and from as many different traditions as possible.

Doing so,

one will easily determine which traditions are ‘pointing towards’ similar concepts.

In time,

One can sort out which traditions are pointing towards

reasonable directions to learn and follow…

and which ones that just ‘don’t hold water’.

Also important to note along the Way…

Is that many traditions were created so long ago

that the world views have changed so much that

they become a bit … misleading.

Often created by misogynistic men that believed:

The Earth was flat

Didn’t know where the sun went at night

Considered slavery to be perfectly normal

Women had no rights…

This last one is still effecting modern women today,

As the church’s collective political power has recently

removed a number of women’s rights including

the right to have a say in what happens with their own body.

I find it down right shameful that the ‘collective voice’ of Christianity

has lost it’s once reasonable thread and that is the basic tenants of morality.

With their strong political conservative influence, they have chooses the most despicable tRump…

someone worse than the ‘anti-christ’ as their new role model.

It’s amazing how so many Christian women now must think

it’s ok for misogynistic men to remove their rights

and allow their husbands to rape women and have affairs with porn stars.


“god” werkz in mysterious wayz”, they say.


Be ware of traditions,

especially powerful religions that still state that their

out of date assumptions are the unchangeable and

unfailing word of ‘god’

and must still be taken as the literal truth... When they are literally all made up.

The contradictions that this ‘god’ is unfailing is represented by the fact that

this ‘god’ failed so many times that over 66,000 separate denominations

had to be formed in order to fix some of ‘god’s’ mistakes


they even did complete re-writes of the bible

they still say was literally written by the hand of ‘god’.

This ‘mythic-literal’ demand is just another dead end to any real Spiritual Path.

Most of these types of religions and traditions

don’t want you to actually learn about their

projections of the ‘god’ they have created and

certainly don’t want anyone to go and experience ‘Divinity’ for themselves,


they fear that you will find out that you don’t need a ‘middle man’

to fulfil your Spiritual Path and

you will stop giving the church heaps of tax-free money


Without all that tax free money,

they also fear they would not longer be able to buy politicians

and make them do their bidding and then all they’d be left with is

their empty version of ‘god’.


Back to the conundrums of worship…

Worship and devotional prayers do have their place…

in that it helps one stay in the ‘Divine’ state of mind

more & more throughout the days…


If that’s all one did…

One would never have time to actually learn about the perspectives of

Psychology, philosophies, morals, virtues, joy, love, and compassion

that are the fundamental core of Spiritual Practice.

Learning these ‘conventional’ wisdoms helps build the depth

to take their meditation practice to profound states of consciousness

in which it will feel like one actually connects with

the inseparable nature of ‘Divinity’.


instead of just spending time praising and

offering endless stream of admiration for a made up deity

that at best simply represents a ‘metaphor’ of “God”…

better to learn as much as possible about the ‘conventional’ wisdoms

and spend as much time possible in deep and effective meditation.

Even though so many folks in our country

proudly worship their projections of ‘God’.

This is a non-starter for those whom think that

all they need to do to get to ‘Heaven’

(yet another man made up mythic place)

Is to just say “Yup” at the pearly gates.

Very few are evolved enough

to have the volition and capacity

to find the time to actual get closer to

that ineffable concept of …


To make meditation more effective,

instead of blabbering on with admiration and praise

to a metaphoric representation of “God”

it’s best to invoke a state of “Loving Kindness” …

Called “meta” in Sanskrit.

The higher states of consciousness experienced in deep meditation

has a ‘Divine’ feeling.

When first experienced,

it feels so wonderful that one could imagine that they’ve

connected with something much bigger than they are…

those that come from a “god” religion

will think they’ve experienced “God”.

It’s that profound.


if the aspirant continues,

they will soon feel like “they” are inseparable from this “God”

and feel that they are “God”,

then in an inseparable moment they realize that

whoever they thought they were,

typically an ego-mind-body, they experience this mistaken identity


Until it is realized that:

There is no self in control and… there is no “God”…

It is all One, Unity, Non-dual consciousness…

When first approaching this state of consciousness,

a very pleasant feeling arises…

It feels like Love, Joy, and Bliss…

As it deepens, an overwhelming rapture is felt.


To begin a meditation, in order to help this process along,

It’s best to invoke a feeling of ‘Meta’ or Loving Kindness,

as this helps set up the conditions for the higher states.

This sense of Loving kindness

is a much more useful technique than the

emotional blabbering of praise and admiration to a metaphoric ‘Deity’.

Blind faith worship to an imaginary sky god in a vain attempt

to learn more about god is similar to

trying to get a college degree by just wishing, hoping and praying

that they will get a degree without putting the effort to really learn anything.

This sort of worship makes it seem like the god they imagine

demands that ‘His’ ego must be flattered, similar to how a

self-centered, ego power driven narcissistic king or certain X-president would.

Most religions act like they are their god’s master’s

by constantly demanding the god do their mortal, self-centered bidding.

Even if there really was a god in the sky that had the obligation to

micro-manage each and every micro second for everything that exists

in the known and unknown, manifest and unmanifest universe

and beyond…

Does it make sense that ‘He’ or ‘She’ would take time out of these

time consuming duties just to redo all of time and space,

and move heaven and earth ….

Just to accommodate your petitionary prayers and demands?

So often in our country,

people are praying to god to make their team win.


assuming there is a god

that is anything like what naive people think “He” is…

That would certainly put ‘Him’ in an awkward position.

Especially when ‘He’ knows that the other team will win

because they practiced harder, had better plays and players

and is naturally a much better team.


Most people consider it’s quite alright to make these

unreasonable demands on their imaginary personal god,

expecting ‘Him’ to move heaven and earth re-do the entire

space time continuum…

just to please one particular insignificant unevolved materialistic mortal?

But these mainstream religions attract all sorts of folks

that just keep making up wild assumptions about god,

in fact,

when the power of church and state are combined,

all sorts of crazy stuff that is

absolutely devastating to the human condition arise.


it appears the the church has made an official ‘god update’,


“god no longer likes people that actually go to church each Sunday”,

Because the church want’s our country,

that was founded on the SEPERATION  of church and state…

They are demanding that all of us embrace all aspects of a

Christian Nationalist power driven country.


They don’t want a president that actually goes to church!


The church now essentially states that  

God now prefers someone that rapes women in department stores

and bad mouths her for year causing him to pay over a $90 million civil law suit,

has affairs with porn stars while their wife is pregnant and

was convicted of cheating the people of New York out of hundreds of millions of dollars.


It seems like the majority of misogynistic men that go to these churches

are all excited that god has fine tuned what “He” considers the “new morality” …

Now god has spoken to ‘His’ flock and has stated clearly to them that

it’s ok to have an affair with a porn star when your wife is having your baby.

Wow!  God is great!

Now all these misogynistic men are overjoyed with being liberated from

the burden of the pre-tRump views of morality and now can

have their way with anyone at anytime and anywhere

when they feel their wife is just not attractive enough in that moment.

If you think I’m crazy…

That god doesn’t say this…


You’re right!

“God” does not do or say anything… at all!

‘He’s’ just made up by our wildest imaginations

and we state what we think he says, wants, desires…

and even ‘His’ will.


The ineffable conceptual-less concept of “God”

is much more powerful to waste time with even having a ‘will’,

or a desire or an insecure ego that can be harshed enough to

kill every man, woman, and child of every species

like the Noah’s ark myth

It’s all just a myth the church made up,

that for millennia, made people fear their version of ‘god’ and,

has been demanding their ‘god fearing flock’

to take these made up myths, as the literal truth

or face eternal damnation of being tortured over and over

by an all loving pro-life god.


that makes about sense as flying pigs…

But they’ll say.

“oh, ya know… god werkz in mysterious ways”

While the more evolved say,
“common sense works in mysterious ways”.

They say “Free Will”

Is a “GOD” given right…

Too bad that so few people that say the believe in “GOD”

actually use this right.

Let’s make AughMerica great again!

by keeping the affairs of the church out of politics…


let’s improve our out dated system of representation by eliminating political fund raising.

Use a modest amount of no frills tax money in an even playing field.


let’s make it even better by creating a system in which only the truth can be stated as the truth.

If a political statement has been fact checked to confirm the statement is not true and or is misleading,

the politician must make that announcement on every media outlet available

to correct their wrong statement.

Enforce this by automatically disqualify a candidate after 3 strikes…

Jail time for repeat offenders…

Demagogue politicians have created a self defeating mode of representation

that is dooming the infinite potential our nation once had.

No prayer on Earth can help… only heaps of common sense.