The Fallacy of Unconditional Love

Anyone inspired to take a Journey along a Spiritual Path,

Will naturally want to express Unconditional Love’.

Years ago when learning Dzogchen

it was recommended that one should always

dedicate each meditation to the well-being of others.

This sounded fine,

as I don’t resonate with emotionally offering praise and adornments

to a metaphorically created “Deity”.


To state:

“May all beings be happy”…

After contemplating that line afterwards,

I realized that many bad people find their biggest happy moments

at the expense of others.


How could I pray that serial rapists and killers

find lots of new innocent victims to rape and murder

just so they could be happy?



Then I started putting ‘conditions’ on those dedications, by adding:

“by loving all, serving all, and creating no sorrow”.

After a number such dedications,

I realized that I was NOT practicing Unconditional love!

Then the thought occurred to me that…

Unconditional Love must not exist!

Many years went by…

and I still offered dedications with ‘conditions’

Over the years,

With the chaos of the world exponentially increasing and

realizing there is a disturbing portion of our population that,

even though they seem fairly sentient and somewhat intelligent,


they earn a decent living at whatever they are good at…

But yet,

When it comes to religion and particularly politics…

They’ve become ‘willfully ignorant’ of what is really going on.

I strongly feel that everyone should have the freedom to worship anyway they want…


Ronny was a republican…

now his party wants to combine church and state

and become a Christian Nationalist country.


they don’t want a president that actually goes to church each Sunday…

they want the ‘anti-Christ’… tRump :-O grrrrrrrrrrrrr

so they can demand all others to worship in the same misguided way they do

by becoming a political power…

then they have crossed a very profound line.

Since our country’s government allows

lying, mis-information, dis-information and allows anyway possible

to take advantage of our mentally vulnerable populations…

Far too many are dupped into voting against their very own best interests

and condemn their very own children’s children’s future

by believing what tRump says:

global warming a hoax,

the first few months of covid was hoax, science is a hoax,

reality is a hoax

Him and his demagogue followers are leading us into an ever downward spiral

while just offering hate, anger and causing our societies to be divided

instead of united.

The otherwise decent people have been brainwashed to believe the baseless lie

that the last election was stolen,

An insurrection in which 9 people ended up losing their life,

over 150 officers were brutally beaten, false electors were illegally created

to steal the election, were just patriots… hero’s….


While fooling the masses that he’s just simply trying to steal it back…

To preserve our democracy…

By making a mockery of it.

Convincing his supporters that strength in diversity and unity is also a hoax,

while these demagogue politicians want our population divided,

so they can conquer the control of our once great nation and rape our natural resources

(and women in department stores)

for their

narrow minded, self-centered, narcissistic ego power driven goals….

All at the expense of humanity.

Each year this chaos deepens,

with the ‘anti-intellectualism’ all the rage and building

along with the ‘anti-woke’ sentiment becoming

a popular heartless perspective

Which is making our country collectively brain dead and heartless.


Still wanting to make the dedication

“May all beings be happy”…

After adding the condition

“by loving all, serving all and creating no sorrow”.

I needed to add something more spiritual towards other beings


also give me a wee bit of natural refuge from their otherwise destructive ways…


I added a popular theme with a custom touch:

“May I abide in the boundless spaciousness of my True Nature,

That allows all beings to be as they are,

Without effecting my well-being.”


I felt a bit ‘off the spiritual path’ without being able to love unconditionally.


A few more years went by,

And I was lucky to have an Enlightened Master point out the fine details of…

Unconditional Love.

In my own words, I learned that:

When we say “Namaste”,

It basically means that,

The true nature of my being,

Sees the true nature of your being.

In that sense,

“We” are all inseparable and we don’t just offer love, unconditionally…

Our True Nature ‘IS’ Love.

Sort of like in Christianity, it is stated:
“Love the sinner, not the sin”.


We can love all beingsUnconditionally,

But that doesn’t mean that our egos love their egos.

We are not our egos…

“We” …. Are Love.

but yet…

The ‘ego-mind-body’ part of ‘us’ that we mistake for our True Self

our ‘conventional ego selves’, does strive for Unconditional love…

“We” expect to find someone with the perfect love

to offer their love unconditionally,

and THEN we’ll reciprocate on that…


Oh wait!

That’s not unconditional lover ether


Chasing that fallacy is an unrealistic goal…

if someone is doing something inherently bad,

that must be pointed out… Very skillfully.

That’s called love... sometimes referred as ‘tough love’.

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite,

He had caused more people to die than any other man in Europe. Horrified by people’s view of him, Nobel turned his attention to doing good. He bequeathed his fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes for peace, chemistry, physics, medicine, and literature and for medicine and other sciences–the prize for which he is now remembered. He had a chance to influence the world for good rather than harm. 


If someone that is inherently bad, learns, over time, not to be… bad,


whomever stepped up to the plate and did the hard work

to skillfully point out a path towards a better way…


a better love can be experienced.


To the Un-Enlightened conventional egoic ‘sentient being’

unconditional or perfect love is a fallacy,


Excellent, almost always fulfilling love

is certainly a reasonable goal.