A Dunkin Donuts Luv Story

Happy couple just maui'd with the Maui Marryring Man
Happy couple just maui’d with the Maui Marryring Man

A Dunkin Doughnuts Luv Story.  

Our love story… Well, I grew up in a town called Hope, I flew the nest and moved a few towns away. Still having to drive thru to get to work, I stopped at the local Dunkin donuts to get coffee every morning. Dan works for the town of Hope and stopped there every morning for his. After a few months, Dan started to open the door for me & saying hi to each other. I was friends with his boss & asked him about this handsome stranger. Later that day, my friend showed Dan a picture of me & Tom said, that’s her, that’s the girl I’ve been telling you about! He very nervously asked me out the next morning. We’ve been inseparable since.

Years later, we knew we went on our first date in the fall of 2006 but didn’t know the exact date. Dan went to his bank in 2012 and requested his bank statements from September & October 2006, remembered what restaurant he took me to & there was the charge on 10/10/06! We decided to finally make it official on this special date in a very beautiful place!

We are not limited to any particular spiritual traditions,

We’ll just flow with the ultimate natural love that ‘Is’ in itself Divine… 😉

Would it be possible to have pink, white & orange flowers at our Maui Beach Wedding?!!

Those are the colors of Dunkin Donuts 😉


A Dunkin Doughnuts Luv Story Blessing 10-10-16

Romantic kiss at a Maui beach wedding
A Maui Marrying Man Beach Wedding will sweep you off your feet!
Love is fulfilled and sealed with a kiss
Getting Married on Maui is as easy as a kiss

A love story born in Hope that evolved into Eternal Maui Marital Bliss at a Maui beach wedding.

There must have been a love potion in the coffee there at Dunkin Doughnuts

which brought out a romantic attraction that has been inseparable ever since.

Flowing with a natural love truly is Divine.

As Father Thomas Keating, the Abbott of St. Joseph’s Abbey said about religion:

All the religions combined, are at best, a bad translation of “God”.

The less dogmatic spiritual traditions strongly state that their words are not meant to be taken as ‘the word of God’, they are merely like the spokes of a wheel that point towards the ineffable direction of Divinity… One must tread their own Path experientially towards the Ultimate Truth… this is the Truth that sets one free and liberates us from the pain & suffering inherent in our existence.

The Buddha, also stated:

“Don’t take my word for all this…

By any skillful means this Ultimate perspective can be un-veiled”.

And so, it is… Through the Divine Doughnut…

a True Love was born in Hope and un-veiled

in the parking lot at Dunkin Doughnuts.

Maui beach wedding sealed with a kiss
Maui beach wedding sealed with a kiss
a happy embrace of love on the beach in Maui
Fulfill your heart’s desires of a Maui beach wedding