The photos were taken as we approached Ni’ihau on our sailboat Chat d’O.

You’ll notice “I Love Big Boobies” 😉

And they seemed to love us as we were blessed with many of them

flying to see the rare boat approaching their ‘Forbidden Island”.

I was impressed with my camera’s ability to snap such high resolutions photos

while on a rock & rolly sailboat.

Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island at over 5 million years old,

Ni’ihau is a wee bit older still.

Notice the details of the erosion that was artfully carved by all those millions of years.


I recorded this Medicine for the People song live on my sailboat Chat d’O

while anchored at Mala Maui.

This song “Ocean

Here the writer Nahko Bear with Medicine for the People, speaks of

the deeply Spiritual nature of Advaita Vedanta Hinduism.

Advaita Vedanta means non dual perspective.

With the chorus:

“If you want to know God, you must know yourself”. – (Self-inquiry)

“If you want to love God, you must love yourself” – (Bhakti devotion)

“if you want to see God, you must see yourself” – (Experienced through deep

meditational practices including Kriya and Kundalini Yoga pranayama)

In the Non-Dual ‘unified consciousness spiritual traditions,

To get closer to ‘God’,

one must embark on a Spiritual Path that will lead to deeper and deeper experiences

that reveal the Wisdoms of Divinity by experience

As opposed to the mainstream religions demand that

one must take their word for what they project is… Divinity.

Whenever the blind is allowed to lead the blind…

It cannot lead anywhere close to true Divinity –

one must experience it for themselves.

If one is so inspired to find the truth,

it will become evident right away that

these Wisdoms cannot be learned from a book and

certainly not just by taking someone’s word for it.

It must be experienced.

~ ~ ~

There are three key elements that one must practice in their spiritual practice.

Spiritual Devotion Bhakti MeditationKriya Yoga pranayama breath control.

Spiritual knowledge One must contemplate their True Divine Nature –

We are not our bodies, brains, mind or egos….

You will learn that you are ‘God’… and

that there is no “youas commonly mistaken to be our egos.

~ ~ ~

To do so, at first words do need to be read.

The right guidance must be sought out.

This Divine information is basically what the “Jana” tradition practices.

Devotion to taking one’s Path to it’s fullest is another key element.

In Hindu traditions this is called Bhakti.

But it is not a blind faith emotional outpouring of surface only rituals…

This devotion must be authentic and comes from a deep place within your Being.

In order to train the body and mind to maintain a ‘one pointed’

focused concentration of awareness…

Many meditational practices are required.

The main practice of Kriya Yoga which involves breath control,

that then leads to controlling the “prana” “chi” or life force with us is necessary.

This ‘prana’ or life force is what the Chinese acupuncture philosophies correspond to.

It’s well documented and widely excepted in that culture

and used successfully in many other cultures including the west…

But as far as a spiritual path goes…

Most of the ‘west’ does not seemed evolved enough to be inspired to

pursue a closer to connection to ‘God’…

Even though many claim they are “Men of God”.

Most are just not inspired to go any deeper.

Even those that are indeed evolved enough…

if one is trapped in a tradition that demands their flock to be

obedient and follow their dogmas and doctrines unquestionably,

while their church is stating emphatically that

the only way to (their projection of a man made up )God

is through their church and no other church, denomination or Spiritual tradition will work… “You’ll just go to hell!”

~ ~ ~

“Always be open to your Path and your Journey”