What a Beautiful Life

The photos were taken as we sailed away from Port Allen towards Nawiliwili Kauai

on our sailboat Chat d’O.

We found a very beautiful cozy cove with small but impressive waves

crashing on each side of our anchored boat.

After a couple of hours, these small waves doubled in size

It was time to haul anchor and sail on.


I recorded this Medicine for the People song live on my sailboat Chat d’O

while anchored at Mala Maui.

This song “What a Beautiful Life”

Here the writer Nahko Bear with Medicine for the People, speaks of

going up to Mauna Kea – the snow covered Hawaiian volcano

to sort out some of life’s challenges.

Deep spiritual philosophical states include:

“good thing I don’t require much, A little tough love and a gentle tough”.

“The more I struggle the more I’m stuck”.

“the faster I move the slower I go”

“the less I speak the more I know”.

“the dark lit loneliness” –

We learn a lot from transcending our challenges.

“my greatest teacher is Peacefulness”


“Always be open to your Path and your Journey.”