The Fundamental Core Elements All Spiritual Traditions Have in Common

The Instinctive Seeker would be wise to gain the common core Wisdoms from

Buddha, Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, Zen, Tao, Judaism, and Islam… for starters…

Even Christianity’s early roots gave meditation and spiritual contemplation

a very strong recommendation for not taking someone else word for the ‘Word of God’,

but to experientially experiencing

the ‘Grace’ of Divinity.

Even though the original Christian mystics outlined many perspectives

that were common with all spiritual traditions…

along the way Christianity strayed away from

encouraging just anyone to experience this themselves,

without the guidance and control of establishing the church as a dominating political power.

The holy Union of Mind, Body and Spirit remains one of the Ultimate Truths

of deepening one’s connection to the Divine with all other reasonable traditions.

Seek this out when soul searching for authentic Christian teachings.

A good start is:

Trappist Father Thomas Keating, co-founder of the Christian contemplative Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer: A Training Course for Opening to the Presence of God,”

When considering inspirations from the various religions and spiritual traditions,

be mindful of the fundamental core elements that each have in common.

It will become apparent that these Wisdoms are like

the spokes of a wheel that point ‘toward’,

the ineffable nature of ‘Divinity’ that is inseparable from our True Self.

The perspectives of my Seven Sacred Services include many Meditations


Daily Life Practices that help

“Pave the ‘Way’ to spiritual Awakening”

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The Seven Perennial Practices are:

* Transform your motivation: reduce craving and find your soul’s desire.

* Cultivate emotional wisdom: heal your heart and learn to love.

* Live ethically: feel good by doing good.

* Concentrate and calm your mind.

* Awaken your spiritual vision:

see clearly and recognize the sacred in all things

* Cultivate spiritual intelligence: develop wisdom and understand life.

* Express spirit in action: embrace generosity and the joy of service.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Practice refers to the discipline of cultivating a crucial capacity of mind,

such as Wisdom and Concentration.

Practices are rehearsals of desired qualities, which eventually become

Spontaneous, Natural Ways of Being

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~  Ineffable ~

Too great or extreme to be expressed, described or comprehended in words

That is the Nature of your True Self,

your Awareness of Spirit and everything that is

Always Already Alright in the Eternally Ever-Present Moment…

You can’t just read about Spirit,

You must go Within and experience it yourself.

Begin Your Journey Along Your Personal Path

Engage in the Meditation experiences

Outlined on the these ever expanding Spiritual Bliss Blogs.

Now that your Spiritually Inclined ways

have led you to begin Breath Meditations,

Bring your Awareness to Deeper more meaningful perspectives.

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I am fulfilled by the Service to Spirit by helping others in their Awakening

~ Enjoy ~