The ‘Zone’ of an Effortless Groove

Everything of ‘Life’ is Cyclic as you will learn more deeply with Spiritual ‘practice’.

We all notice that there is a certain ineffable ‘flow’ to our personal lives

and how we interact with the life around us.

There are times when we feel like we are in the ‘zone’ of an effortless groove.

And other times when we feel like we are attempting to swim against the ‘current’.

The Tao speaks of the ‘Way’.

That is a natural flow of things…

The Yin Yang symbol represents

the balance one is inspired to achieve to be in such a groove

that allows us to spontaneously fulfill our creative insights.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To find this balance and maintain this ‘flow’…

A morning meditation is a good way to start your day with the right ‘flow’…


Just allow that groove to flow throughout your day.

The cycle of Breath reinforces the universal and natural ‘Way‘ of things.

This is when everyone discovers their own ‘monkey mind’.

Here you are attempting to focus on something seemingly simple as breathing….

but before long you find your mind wandering to the concert you went to last night…

and the cute chick you saw there, then new paint job you want for your car,

and the color of a cool bowling ball…

By this time

You begin to realize that these mostly useless unfocused distractions

are running their course during each and every waking moment.

~ Breathing is one focus point we use to keep our mind on track ~


While first learning to meditate we need a wee bit more to ‘focus on’

Counting our Breaths

Is how we learn to ‘Tame our Monkey Mind’

Breath In – count ‘One’

Breath Out – count ‘Two’

Repeat up to 10… then repeat…

When stray thoughts or images arise

Treat them nonchalantly like a passing cloud and gently return your focus to your count…

With each interruption in the count, Begin your count over from ‘One’…

When you can perform this simple breathing and counting with

No distracting images or thoughts popping up for FIVE minutes

you may begin your meditations with

a few cycles of counting then focus on just your breath alone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It may take a few weeks to a few months to really begin to tame the monkey mind,

but with each meditation session

your ability to concentrate and focus is sharpened more.

If you find that even ‘you‘ have trouble focusing on this image without the

incessant distractions of random thoughts constantly popping into our thought process,

you’re not alone.

Researchers have estimated that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day popping up…

That’s a lot of ‘Pop Ups’

Siddhartha Gautama ~ da Buddha ~

Created the world’s first ‘Pop Up Blocker’ for

The ‘software’ in our Grey-matter

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Modern psychologists recommend meditation to help as an antidote for

stress, PTSD, bi-polar and anxieties

just to name a few good reasons to start a meditation practice.

There are countless advantages to help with our modern world of challenges,

but the most important reason for meditation is the on the personal Path of ‘Self-inquiry’.

Plotinus stated that to know one’s True Self

will free us from the inherent pain and suffering we all unnecessarily put our self through

as we mistake ourselves to be our egos.