Arising and Passing Away – 4th Insight Stage

This stage – ‘A&P’ tends to be very impressive.

The applied and sustained effort of attention begin to drop away,

and meditation seems to take on a life of its own, and has

the basic attentional phase quality of having

maximum clarity at the center of attention,

this stage is noted for perceiving things clearly wherever the attention is directed.

In fact,

this is the stage where

clarity of what is going on in the center of attention is greatest.

Some people seemingly spontaneously get into this territory early in life

with no meditative training

and some people who have done decades of meditation practice

never get to this stage.

In the early part of this stage,

the meditator’s mind accelerates more and more,

and reality begins to be perceived as particles or

fine vibrations of mind and matter,

each arising and vanishing utterly at tremendous speed.

Reality may be perceived directly with great clarity;

great bliss, rapture, equanimity, mindfulness, concentration,

and other positive qualities arise.

Bright lights tend to arise for the meditator,

sometimes first as jewel-tone sparkles and then as a bright white light

(“I have seen the light!”).

This stage is a common time for first-time hyper-lucid dreaming,

and out-of-body experiences

As this stage deepens and matures,

meditators let go of even the high levels of clarity and

the other strong factors of meditation,

perceiving even these to arise and pass as just fluxing sensations

and/or vibrations,

to not satisfy, and not to be self.

Wild “kundalini” phenomena are very common at this point,

including powerful physical shaking and releases, explosions of consciousness

like a fireworks display or a tornado, visions, and especially vortices of powerful fine “electrical” vibrations blasting up or down the spinal column

and/or between the ears.

Those who have crossed the A&P event have stood on the ragged edge of reality

and the mind for just an instant, and some will feel certain that

awakening is possible.


The A&P is a major milestone on the path of insight.

It is also a point of no return.

Once begun, better to finish!”

as they are now too far into this to ever really go back.

Until they complete this progress of insight,

they are “on the ride”, and may begin to feel that

the dharma is now doing them rather than the other way around.


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Arising and Passing Away – 4th Insight Stage

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 The Progress of Insight

Inspired by Daniel Ingram’s book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha,

With this section “The progress of Insight”

Inspired by Mahasi Sayadaw