Blaming ‘bad people behavior’ on the man made up myth of “the devil”

this is not the devil… it’s worse… because it’s real

Recently in Africa,

there was a minister that was preaching about so called “evil”,

Basically blaming ‘bad people behavior’

on the man made up myth of “the devil”.

This perspective rolls right into another wrong view

that one must take up arms against such perceived “evil”.

To add more emphasizes on this wrong view,

He addressed his church holding an AK 47 machine gun!!

Don’t fear this man made up myth – Face bad people behavior in a realistic way

These sort of wrong views are soo far from

Divinity, Grace and what most people call “God”.

This is how wars and famine are perpetuated.

I hope that in your lifetime,

You will see the fruits of your labor fulfilled,

for the betterment of all humanity.

In the traditions I resonate with,

Nonattachment to the outcome of my good will is called…

Unconditional Love.

The Bliss of Grace that we receive

just from doing ‘the right thing’, is what we need for

a happiness that is unaffected by the outcomes of ‘bad people behavior’

or any materialistic challenges.

This can be considered close to the ineffableness of Divinity…

And it feels like Grace.