We Could Be United and Live an Existence of Abundance

There are enough resources on this planet

that could support a much higher quality of life for everyone…

But with the greed of selfish power driven people…

Way too many of us struggle with poverty,

Or at least with a debilitating dread of earning enough.

Although there is currently enough resources

for a much higher quality of life for all humanity…

These resources are not infinite.

But the people in power act like it is,

And they have convinced their vulnerable supporters as such.

It’s absurd to have an economy based on

the over exploitation of our resources

just to balance our incessant greed and over consumption.

The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow pointed out through his

Human development perspective of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’

that we currently live an existence of deficiencies

No longer can one person go to one job to support the whole family.

The days of buying a house with one middle income paycheck are long gone.

It takes at least two people earning consistent income just to get by.

If we could integrate all our diversities,

there would be a strengthened humanity

that could move us past this existence of deficiencies

And into an existence of abundance.

When humanity first hopped down from the monkey trees…

All we could concern ourselves was hunting… and gathering.

From sunup to sun down, all we did was focus on surviving.

Once we were able to farm and store food,

we started having some leisure time and art started.

Then higher thinking came along, and we had the ability to

philosophically ponder the bigger issues of life…

and the ‘timeless wonder of it all’.

~ ~ ~

Now adays, it seems like we’ve got even less time

to ponder such profound insights such as:

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of MY life?

What were ‘we‘ before this life, and what will ‘we’ become after this life?

Ask yourself who is it that

“I AM”.

This will be the first step of a personal spiritual Path of “Self-inquiry” …

And it will remain your Dharma until you ‘Awaken’ to your Self-Realization of…


It is one of the tragedies of modern life

that we don’t collectively have the time to

ponder such profound questions of life.

And so,

Most of us will never find the time for Spiritual pursuits.

Most of us will for our entire lives will be stuck with

the pain and suffering of such ignorance.

And it’s all because how our leaders are chosen.

When you vote…

Vote for Humanity

NOT the demagogue politicians!

And if you don’t know what demagogue means…

Look it up!

Don’t be afraid to wake up,

even when the demagogue politicians are currently mis guiding us

to feel that’s a bad thing.

We could be united and live an existence of abundance

Think about it!